A Pop of Color: What You Need To Know

     There’s nothing quite like a burst of bright color to put you in a good mood. A beautiful sunny day, a juicy red popsicle or even in our case; bright happy fabrics and wallpaper! Fun and colorful home furnishings have the incredible ability to liven up your space, and even your mood, overnight. And while I am all for a patterned sofa or eye-catching wallpaper filling an entire room, there are definitely some less permanent ways to brighten up your home with an instant pick-me-up.

     Sister Parish has a beautiful collection of both fabrics and wallpapers, all in colors that are bound to make you smile. One of our absolute favorites is Chou Chou, a linen and cotton blend that can be used in several different ways and comes in an array of colors with a slightly girly flair and softness. 

     We also love the Serendipity Wallpaper!  With a whimsical pattern and fun shapes, as well as a neutral background and contrasting colors, there is just enough going on here to make your space feel personalized. 


     So, the moral of this post is; do NOT be afraid of color. Color is your friend. Make sure you know what you like (and maybe even more importantly, what you don’t like) before taking the plunge into the world of color, and by all means - have some fun with it.